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Perfect Wedding Ceremony Sound

The most important and heartfelt part of a wedding ceremony is the wedding vows.

QHave you ever been to a wedding ceremony and have not been able to hear the wedding vows?

You have invited the most important people in your life to be a part of your biggest day.

QDo you want everyone to hear you actually say your vows?

Introduction to Perfect Wedding Ceremony

One of the biggest mistakes brides make when planning their wedding ceremonies is not making sure that the proper sound equipment is used, so everyone can hear the all the ceremony, especially the wedding vows.

You have waited a lifetime to say these words, you have gathered all your closest family and friends. Do you want just your fiancé and the officiant to hear them, or would you like everyone in attendance to hear what you’ve chosen to say to your betrothed?

When providing music for your wedding ceremony the ‘brain’ of the sound equipment, and your entertainer (s) are set up in a distant part of the room. Early in my career, I performed for many many wedding ceremonies where uninformed couples had chosen a basic ceremony package that did not provide enough sound equipment for the guests to hear the bride and groom saying their wedding vows

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